The Shop Local Project

My first job, at the age of 15, was in a local ski & snowboard shop, Blauers. I used to hang out there every day while I waited for the bus. Now, to get paid to bug them, was next level for me. That job is what allowed me to keep snowboarding. Im pretty sure there were times I didn't even get a check because it was already spent on gear. I remember giving snowboard lessons to Coolio, riding with local legends like Matt Hammer and Chris Bradshaw, everything I could really ask for in a first job.

When the season was over, I would then find my next gig at a local skate shop, Icon Boardshop. There, I learned how to operate a business, build a team, give back to local businesses and families, host events, and the list goes on. After 4 years there, I would move onto the biggest specialty retailer in Southern California, Active Rideshop. At the time, they were so integrated into the community and industry as well. Every location devoted time to their local communities and businesses. And it showed in their consumer base. The customers felt they were part of the brand and business. It was really rewarding to see.

I spent almost 12 years in small, local shops. It molded me to who I am today. Those exact same type of businesses are why we have the business we do. We love helping the "mom and pop" shops, the specialty retailers, the local 'hole in the wall", whatever you pride yourselves on being. We here for them. This is why The Shop Local Project means so much to us. Helping retail bounce back is going to take a collective effort. The Shop Local Project is a not-for-profit initiative to help support specialty independent retailers in the sporting goods industry.

Through this initiative, consumers can show their support by purchasing a discounted gift card from their favorite local shop.

For retailers who are currently closed, that means cash today, and customers tomorrow.

Brands support the initiative by creating awareness, and helping drive sales for their retail partners who are key to the success of their business.

There is no cost for brands or retailers to participate. If you’re in the sporting goods space who would like to be involved and make a difference.

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